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GPL Meeting Room Policy


The Georgetown Public Library Board of Commissioners (Board) is the owner of the library building located at 123 West Pine Street and has the sole jurisdiction for use of its facilities.   The meeting rooms are available for use by any non-profit, non-political informal group or formal organization that is civic-oriented in function and nature, after approval of the Board.  Library meeting rooms may not be reserved for private social events, the conduct of religious ceremonies, religious rituals, religious worship services, political activities, commercial activities, or any illegal activity.  The Board will evaluate all applications, and the Board reserves the right to reject any application for meeting room use that is not consistent with this policy. The Board also reserves the right to cancel any previously granted permission for violation of this policy. 

Requests for meeting room use can only be made by application using the form available on the Library web site.  No telephone applications will be accepted.  Requests must be made at least five business days and no more than six months in advance.  Reservations will be made a first-come-first served policy after library programs are accommodated. A copy of the Georgetown Public Library’s rules for meeting room use will be provided to all applicants. 

By order of the Fire Marshall, the large meeting room capacity is limited to 200 people.

The address and telephone number of the library may not be used as the official address of any organization using a meeting room, with the exception of the Friends of the Georgetown Library and other library-sponsored groups.


  1. Organizations using the meeting rooms agree to hold the Board harmless from and against any and all losses, claims, actions, damages, liabilities and expense, including, but not limited to those in connection with loss of life, bodily personal injury or damage to property of whatever kind or nature including attorney’s fees and costs, proximately caused by an organization’s negligence. Also, organizations shall assume complete responsibility for the general safety of their groups and the general public during meetings. Failure to do so shall be cause for future denial of meeting room use.
  2. Smoking is strictly prohibited on Library Property. Also, alcoholic beverages, gambling, and controlled substances are prohibited on Library property.
  3. Nothing may be attached to the walls or ceilings and use of lighted candles or oil lamps is prohibited. 
  4. The library staff will not accept any telephone calls for individuals attending a meeting, except those involving a medical emergency. 
  5. Setting up the meeting room is the responsibility of the organization holding the meeting and must be done during regular Library hours. Items brought to the meeting room must be removed immediately after the meeting ends. Chairs and tables are available for use.
  6. All announcements, press releases, flyers, etc, relating to a meeting must state clearly that the meeting is not sponsored by the Georgetown Public Library or its Board of Commissioners.
  7. Groups using the kitchenette facility must bring their own food, drinks, and utensils, and must leave a clean workspace when the meeting is over. No food preparation is permitted. However, appliances may be utilized for warming purposes. Food services are limited to light snacks and refreshments: no meals may be served. All food must be consumed in the meeting room and must not be taken into other areas of the library including the halls, lobby, and restrooms adjacent to the meeting room. All garbage and trash must be put in sealed trash containers provided by the Library.
  8. The Georgetown Public Library is not responsible for damages to or theft of equipment used or left in a meeting room, including but not limited to damages by viruses to software or computers. The Library also assumes no responsibility for items left on the premises, and will not store them. The Library will contact the organization regarding items to be removed. After 15 days, the Library will dispose of them. 
  9. Meeting rooms shall be left in the condition that they were rented. If additional excessive cleaning, trash removal, etc. is necessary after the meeting, the user will be billed for the cost. 
  10. The Library Director/Library Staff will be responsible for opening and securing meeting rooms for meetings held during regular Library hours. Library hours of operation are: Monday-Thursday 10 am-8 pm, Friday 10 am-5 pm and Saturday 10 am-2 pm.   The meeting rooms cannot  be scheduled before or after the library's opening/closing time.  Any group in the meeting room will be required to leave the room clean and as setup.  Tables and chairs should be moved back to to initial layout.
  11. All individuals must immediately leave the Library if any fire or security alarm goes off. The police and fire stations will have been alerted.
  12. Individuals attending meetings are subject to all Library rules and regulations. Failure to abide by Library rules, regulations and this Policy, or to cooperate with Library staff, will result in ejection and rejection of future use requests.
  13. Organizations using the meeting rooms do so at their own risk. The organization using a room is responsible for its own actions and that of its guests. Those using a room are cautioned that children age six and under may not be left unattended in the Library.
  14. The organization sponsoring the meeting must limit attendance to the meeting room capacity. Individuals arriving after the room has reached capacity should be refused entrance. The Library reserves the right to monitor the number of attendees to ensure that the fire code regulations are observed.
  15. No emergency exits may be used to leave the building except in an emergency. These doors are alarmed and organizations will be charged $25 for non-emergency use. 
  16. The Library reserves the right to disallow or revoke permission granted to organizations for use of the Community Room on a case-by-case basis if that organization has previously violated these rules, or if it is believed by the Library that use of the Room will interfere with Library operations, adversely affect public safety or cause public disturbances.

Organizations that do not fulfill their obligations as enumerated in this policy may be denied use of meeting facilities in the future. A list of these organizations will be kept in the Library’s Public Information Office. If the organization wishes to appeal the denial, it may submit a letter of appeal to the Georgetown Public Library’s Board of Commissioners.